Patient Review By Jen L

I have been dealing with chronic TMJ for many years. I have been to the UCSF clinic that specializes in TMJ disorders so I know per my CT scan that I have severe arthrosis and inflammation of the left jaw. I have had ultrasound, taken muscle relaxers, soft diet, etc. my dentist and I talked about Botox injections but I was very nervous about it. She recommended Dr. Scharf because he is an M.D. and a dentist. My sister in law is also a dental hygienist and she recommended Dr. Scharf as well. I have now had a few Botox injections and I experience great relief from the pain, headaches and discomfort caused by TMJ. I had an injection today by Dr. Scharf. He is very kind and personable and put me at ease. If you have TMJ issues and nothing has worked don't hesitate to contact this dental practice. The staff is great and Dr. Scharf is the best! Seriously, TMJ is no joke but you can get relief. Call and inquire the staff here is great!

- Jen L

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